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    Dental Surgery - Dental Implant

    When was the last time you had ferm a bite from an apple? Or when was the last time you smiled from all your heart ...

    Dental Aesthetics

    Dental Aesthetics - The role of embracing techniques and procedures from many dental specialties that all aim to improve ...


    The fear of dentists makes many people postpone their visit to the dentist until it's too late and thus lose teeth or the masses...

    Dentistry children with Inhalosedation

    At Glamour Dent we offer the most complete dental services for children, without pain and at affordable prices...


    Ortorthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or joining teeth to improve the appearance of teeth and how they work...


    By dental consultations, we establish a good relationship between the dentist and the patient. It is valid for all people of all ages...

    Why us?

    All dental treatments made at Glamour Dent are safe, made only by dentists with experience that gives you smile and confidence in you!

    Noul website al clinicii Glamour Dent este live!

    Cauti o clinica stomatologica cu servicii integrate sau poate ai o urgenta stomatologica si nu stii unde sa apelezi? Intra acum pe www.glamourdent.ro si nu vei regreta….

    Bauturile acidulate si eroziunea smaltului dentar

    Poti reduce caloriile band Cola Light, dar in privinta eroziunii dentare bauturile acidulate cu sau fara zahar se comporta la fel. Numarul pacientilor cu eroziune…

    Care este cel mai corect periaj dentar si cum decidem care tehnica este corecta si eficienta?

    Toata lumea da sfaturi in privinta tehnicii corecte de periaj dentar si toti ne spalam pe dinti! Dar o facem eficient? Recomandarile asociatiilor stomatologice, a producatorilor de…

    Patient opinions

    At Glamour Dent you do not go as a patient, at Glamour Dent you go as a FRIEND! Without Fear !!!! ..... Glamour Dent gave me my smil backe, inner happiness, and the desire to smile again. I returned to the person I once was! Thank you! Glamour Dent is the right choice! You can see this from my smile!

    Bogdan D.

    A very special Thank You! to Dr. Eidelman Itzhak who has shown a high professionalism, always attentive to my needs and desires, an exceptional doctor! Now I can eat, and laugh again. I am happy again, I am a happy woman again! Thanks Dr. Eidelman Itzhak!

    Constantin M.

    Three years ago I met a wonderful team of doctors and nurses who changed my life. They made me smile, think I haven’t been doing for a while because of dental problems. I had great emotions and fear at first, but they disappeared when I met these wonderful people and doctors in particular. Very good dental works have been done with great seriousness and professionalism. Thank you for all your support and especially for having the opportunity to meet them. Dearly

    Mirela J.


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